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Hayden John Waymouth

i am more than impressed with the Dragon line of scooters and i think they are highly
under rated in my opinion to say the least,, and second to non on the repairs and
assistance from the repairs team. i loved all of my Dragon scooters that i have owned.
my first was a GTR V2, i only upgraded it so i could go faster and bought the Beast
which is adequately named, and i got a GT for my niece and nephew and they can't get
enough of it, i told my brother he had to come pick it up, by the time he got around to
getting here i had clocked up about 100kms on it, its a little bit easier than pulling out
my 40kg Beast especially after having major leg surgery. the beast is definitely my
favourite so far... but i am also starting to feel like i want to go faster... hmmmm
decision decisions decisions and to me that pretty much says X11.. my Beast has
delivered me top end speeds of up to or very close to 90kmh on flat ground no wind
assist and i weigh 65kgs. the only thing i do think the Beast needs is a bigger battery
amh. i can flatten a fully charged battery in 32kms, a 50 mah battery would be better
suited to it but that is just my opinion, if j manage to behave myself i can get plenty
more range. i had a chilled out ride into the CBD and home (hawthorn) and didn't use a
quarter of battery power, riding fast all of the time comes at a price which is range, i
might even get an external battery so can do more kms at high speed all of the time...
but i am thinking i might just might just have to go faster i no(mmmmmmmmmm) i am
going to stay strong and just be happy with something that will do 100+ kmh. i hope to
find something Dragon that will deliver exactly what i want. either way its all Dragon for
me. i think it might have to be the x11, after that it will be power mods for even more
power and speed.

Gimpy Mack

Shoutout to Bike Scooter City
Had a minor issue with my Cyclone Pro after 14 kms of ownership and asked for their advice.
Living over 100 kms away makes it difficult to simply drop in to the store and get them to look
the scoot over.
They asked for my invoice number, to confirm my purchase and simply express posted a
replacement part at no charge, no questions asked!
Thanks again guys

Wade Simpson

Credit where credit is due.
My son got himself a Dragon GTR V2 that he pre ordered from bikescootercity. In his very first ride
he got a puncture in the rear tyre, talk about devastated I spent the whole of a Saturday then
trying to find a way to fix it with no luck, it was a section of box cutter blade that had sliced the tyre.
We got it up to bikescootercity at Sumner and the service was nothing short of perfect!
They took his scooter out to work on it from the minute it arrived, they put a brand new tyre on it,
charged the battery and wheeled it out to my son once finished informing him that there would be
no cost at all for anything!
How can you possibly beat that.
I can't recommend them enough. If you are looking at a new scooter, the GTR V2 is a really good buy
and I would drive to Sumner again (I'm on the Gold coast) to buy one.

Chris Laughton

Totally agree Wade. BSC service is absolutely terrific. I always get great service from
these guys.

Dom Kolsteeg

They're good all over the place, I've been to the sumner store and one in the city, great people and Service

Dannyo Ahlrichs

Ive had nothing but good service from BSC also.Always been Very helpful and friendly to me

2021-02-04 - Bike Scooter City

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