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Works as intended.

Give some thought to purchasing this product if 90kg+

I purchased this product in the MILTON store a couple of months ago through COLIN and he did not set the scooter up for me properly as he said he would (tires not pumped, loose bolts, parts not assembled properly) and now has caused me problems. I called the store this morning and spoke with OWEN who helped me sort the problems out which had (on short notice when he was already quite busy) OWEN has great, if not exceptional customer service & understanding of e-scooter.
As for COLIN, I’d advise the store owner to reconsider him as a worker. OWEN advised that with my weight (95kg) I should never have bought this e-scooter and should have bought the model up which is a dual motor. COLIN did not advise that, or have the due diligence to set it up properly after offering to do so for me.

I cant express enough how much happier I am after dealing with OWEN this morning and his efforts to help me sort my scooter out. Thanks heaps again OWEN if you see this mate.

3/5 star for the product, 5/5 star for OWEN. 0/5 star COLIN.


It’s the best off road tyre for what I need . 100% recommendations for anyone who needs to go off road

These guys are great. I was originally going to buy a scooter from somewhere else. However, these guys can service, fix everything. For that reason I bought my scooter from here. They are always great helping fix anything with the scooter.

Good blokes too

Referring to mark thomsons order 😩😩😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️🇦🇺🇦🇺🫵

Listen iii been folllowing bike scooter city since they opened I recently generated $10K of revenue for the shop ..I’ll tell u something great scooters iv had a ball a nd so has my mate BUT ULL NEVER. EXPERIENCE THE WORST POSSIBLE RUDE PHONE MANNER AND IN STORE SERVICE THESE PEOPLE ARE SOO BUSY THEY COULDNT CARE LESS ABOUT U I had a faulty LCD screen nor did they respond to my messages nor did management contact me as I requested I just took it to my auto elec he re soldered poor contacts thanks a million amauteur disgusting service u need a staff flush get people who are there for u and pride themselves on what they do $10,000 for the toilet u won’t get another cent out of me u should be ashamed. Of yourselves THAT SAID THEY SELL A SOUND FLAWLESS PRODUCT BUT THERE SHOWROOM FLOOR IS RUN BY INCOMPETENT KIDS MORE OR LESSS…..🙁☝️seem very unmotivated to help u a simple lift into ur vehicle was shrugged rudely shows the passsion ….

Don’t even have it yet

Waited 2 something months $4000 and don’t even have it yet to give a review

CYCLONE PRO - DUAL MOTOR - All-Terrain Electric Scooter 2000 watts Max 3200 watts

Don’t order from bikescpotercity

Absaloutley shit no one ever buy from this place


Excellent delivery and product is exactly what we ordered

Rob Wright Dragon GTR V2 review

I really like my Dragon GTR V2. It is as good as I hoped. My scooter arrived in eight days from Brisbane to Hobart. Which was awesome. My only thing I don't like is how there is no anti theft mechanism such as a key or a PIN on the display. Other wise very happy. Thanks.

PREDATOR - DUAL MOTOR - All Terrain Beast-

Great value for a decent all rounder.

Thank You BSC for the prompt delivery of my 2024 Predator and extra battery charger.

Been riding my new joy toy for a week now.
Done a little over 200KM so far while keeping an eye on wear and tear, brake pads/fluid, bearings, shocks, swing arm mounts, wiring, etc as I go, all good so far.

The cockpit controls for lights, horn, mode, etc are an excellent layout that makes it very easy to adjust things on the fly while riding without distracting you from looking where your going.
For a 36KG scooter it feels like a 20KG scooter the way it handles on and off road (in a good way), very controlable, nimble, easy to throw around while riding.
The 150KG max weight capacity also relieves my anxiety as I pound the Predator across rigid terrain while carrying my 58yo 115KG body.
The suspension absorbs bumps well considering my weight, even while doing 60KMH+ accross the dirt.
I average around 50KM range riding with no respect for battery power (eg: riding it like I stole it with a mish mash of single/dual mode 3 the whole way).
Even then when I put it on charge there's still usually some bars of power left.

I also like that this scooter works just as well slowly coasting with footpath pedestrians.
Once again just well balanced and pleasurable.

3 Minor things that don't impress me so far:
1. The mount that holds the stand is tacked onto the the side/bottom of the deck and the stand mount randomly catches stuff on certain terrain angles.
The stand itself is great just the mount position is not in the best spot as it hangs lower then the bottom of the deck.

2. Deck lights come on with the ignition and no option to turn them off.
In the near future I will be rewiring those deck lights to come on only when the headlight is on.

3. The horn is over zealous and usually ends up making pedestrians hate you due to it making them jump in fright while cussing you.
I'll end up puting a bicycle "Ding" bell on it eventually.

Positives definitely outway my minor negatives that's for sure.
Can definitely see why most user reviews of the Predator have words along the lines of "Great value for a decent all rounder".

ELECTRIC SCOOTER- DRAGON GTR V2 - DUAL MOTOR 1800 watts Max 2400 watts

They are really good

They are really good

This scooter is insanely awesome and the value for money is incredible!! I’m 100kg and it doesn’t struggle to get up to speed and go up hills at all!! Absolutely love it!!!

Makuta 9+

Got the makuta 9+ for the wife great scooter for commuting the only issues i found is makuta handle bars could be better and the wheels are a little small for the speed it can do

Not delivered

Scooter hasn’t been delivered so my son has not received it on his birthday which he was devastated about! Hoping it turns up soon considering I ordered it with plenty of time to be deliver


Best helmet for the price and good quality

Rear helmet light

Light attaches easily to the rear of my bike helmet. 3 different light modes are bright and seen easily from a distance. Rechargeable batteries easy to access and last the stated number of hours. Very pleased with the purchase.

Nami - Klima

Very nice smooth ride ! Acceleration on this scooter is second to none


Seems fine but haven't had much time for testing get. Staff and service at Southport were great.

Travis Carpenter
Tred and tube

Exactly what I needed fast shipment grate service top shop good pricing excellent could not ask for more

I love it. Its a beauty. I wanted a more powerful machine to climb some of my steep hills and it does that with ease. I’ve only ever had a beginner’s scooter so I cant really compare my beginner to this model.