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Predator scootrr

Wow what can I say, an amazing scooter both on and off road. Only thing I’d change is the controller from a thumb control to a finger control.

Great work

Great work and quick turn around. Thank you


Lots of power and so easy to ride

Nice bikes. Can recommend them.

Dragon GTR V2 Great machine

Its a beast. Quite heavy but I’m a big lad. I am 120kg and i carry all my work gear plus a heavy chain lock in a back pack and the Dragon just doesnt care - power to spare. Love it.

Nami Klima

This is the fifth scooter I have purchased from BSC. They are all great but this Nami is on a different level, it's absolutely outstandingly good. Will not be the last Nami I buy.

Awesome D Locks for Escooters


Very comfortable good customer service great to deal with

It's a Beast alright!

Great service from the team at bike scooter city, quick delivery. Would buy from here again. And loving my Predator.

Nami Klima vs Burn-e

I have purchased both from Bike Scooter City...Thanks guys for choosing such a great transport company ( no damage) Both these PEVs are of a high quality and have been reliable & look awsome...To ride either or is very similar however the Burn-e has naturally more power but the Klima is smaller and very pleasing no less and im really enjoying it as much as my Burn-e...Hats off to Michael for both of these very impressive scooters...🖐

Dragon Predator

Delivety wasn't trackable unless you subscribe a third party. The front headlight cable had been cleanly pulled out leaving exposed wires. Photo evidence. The scooter is scary fast on full power. It can take bumps and small jumps. This thing can do a front wheel spin while fully standing on it. Say goodbye to your family before you take it out

Service was good. No complaints. Very helpful

It’s a fun toy

I bought Predator for myself & GTR V2 for my 7yrs old son.
I have never owned E-scooter before… but I love them! They are more than toy… powerful & fast! so much fun to ride around.

Fantastic Value and a decent ride, though with a couple trade-offs

Straight up, you're going to be hard-pressed to find a scooter with similar range for this price point that is also dual motor. It's a solid no-frills long-range dual-motor scooter.

Having said all that, the chassis itself isn't the most confidence-instilling at higher speeds compared to something like the Klima or other more premium scooter models. There's a bit of flex in the stem (not wobble) and you're also going to be missing electronic/regen braking, so while those hydraulic brakes are nice, you'll be wearing through them faster. If you're looking for a scooter to really have fun in, you probably want to look to those other models, but if you're really just needing something to get you over those longer distances between A and B, I don't think anything in this scooter would be a dealbreaker here.

Range-wise, so far I've been able to comfortably make 45-50km trips with still a couple of bars being mainly in gear 3 single motor and jumping into dual motor occasionally for hills.

Overall, still got to give it 5 stars as it's a banging deal, as long are you're happy operating it with the understanding that this isn't really designed to be going off-road or ridden super aggressively. Again, if you just need something to get you from A to B on the regular without much fuss, this could very much fit that bill.

Good value

All is good on the scooter which does the job.
The only concern is the placement of the release at the front of the footpad which if accidentally kicked and released could collapse the scooter when moving.
Rides well and really appreciate the double suspension.

Dragon predator

I absolutely love the scooter haven’t had a single issue except sometimes it will cut power and I will have to come to a complete stop then take off again but apart from that I love the scooter and couldn’t be much happier with it

Arrived quickly. Was easy to identify exactly what I needed from the website.

This thing travels!!!! Beautiful machine

. John 3:16

The Best hyperScooter ever, too quick, people can’t keep up or catch me anymore that the mukuta 10 plus speed only. Jesus loves you all and he die for you John 3:16🙏

Throttle replacement

Thankyou for your prompt response to our request for help. Delivery of the throttle was quick. My 16 yr old grandson was able to fit the throttle display easily. Appreciate good service thanking you.
Emma and Chase

Tyre was great. Unfortunately the handle bar fell completely off with in a week of the service. So lucky I was stationary otherwise would have been really messy. Note to all that have the v 2 dragons. The thread from pivot point to handle bars, if it gets slightly wobbly or spins the trhread is stuffed and you will find yourself in trouble.

Predator beast

So at 58 years old and bored out of my mind after riding my push bike to work for eight years.I bought my first scooter and what can I say I get all excited about riding to work again on the predator it’s definitely a Beast👍👍👍

Cyclone Pro

Awesome scooter, great advice from the boys at Bike Scooter City