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Dragon GTRv2 Bathurst

Yes I did a 'hot' lap -- which took 11 mins... mostly going up the hill...
And be warned.. you need max brake coming down the esses to forest elbow... but Conrod.... absolutely dreaming going down that !!!!

Amazing Scooter for its price... Peeps couldn't believe it had the grunt to get my weight up the hill!!!

I now have a Dragon Predator as well, could be a while until I get back over from Perth to try this gain though...

Great fast and fun really sturdy strong performance

Dragon slayer

Amazing scooter Would be back to get my partner one

It’s amazing then very helpful for me

Scooter fix

Was fantastic service

Great pump for what I need it for

Excellent quality product for a great price. Easy to use.

Tubeless in Dragon GTR

Purchased the tubeless tyre and valve stem for my Dragon GTR which i was cautioned about as the tyre was not originally available for the Dragon. However all the specs matched. The 10 inch x 3 inch looks great but have to remove the disc calliper and work some magic to get it all together. 2.5 inch is simpler. Though the 3 inch looks 7 fits great. But wait! Tyre still goes down as the solid alloy rim has a pin hole in the casting. Dragon scooter, you get what you pay for. Some more magic and now i dont have tubes getting holes at the valve stem and no flat tyres anymore on the front. I think I’ll stick to the solid on the rear tyre for now to get more hours from a tyre.

No fuss experience, amazing scooter delivered to the door

The Klima is brilliant but you probably know that already. Received current version with all the rolling updates (indicators, revised brake lights etc). BSC shipped within a couple of days of receiving stock. No fuss, great price. Get one!

Love both products

Great scooter

Great scooter, perfect for lighter riders around 60kg to 80kg. Top speed isn't quite 55km per hour (for mine anyway) I get about 45-50km per hour on full charge. Does take a bit of time to reach top speed as it is only a single motor. It's a really enjoyable ride if your not looking for anything too powerful 😁

The scooter goes well and has crazy acceleration. However there are a few complaints and problems I have, the suspension on the back wheel fell completely loose and off the scooter after just having it for 8 days. They did replace for free however. The top speed listed at 60kph is off as it only gets high 50’s on a full charge and low battery low 50’s. A good scooter would just like something with some more speed and a little more reliable.


Could not be more impressed

Came and works all well but both brake disks came buckled

Very nice scooter haven't had much to worry about do have to fix the back disc break wasn't sitting flat could hear it hitting the break when not using the break during riding

Not very informative

I ordered this tyre for my daughters Dragon GTR V2 by reading the description that states TO SUIT DRAGON CYCLONE PRO,GTR V2,LIGHTNING V1 AND MANY OTHER MODELS. Upon receiving the tyre I noticed that is is a fair bit larger than the stock tyres that came with the GTR V2. I contacted the store through the ask us anything now bot on the website asking if it was ok to install this tyre being that it will be larger than the front tyre. Left my email and phone number and nobody replied. My thinking is if the back tyre is bigger than the front tyre when in dual motor mode the tyres will be spinning at differnt speeds. Went to order another one so they will be the same front and back but they were sold out. So now had to spend another $100 on ordering 2 new differnt tyres hoping that they will get here by end of week otherwise my daughter will be without her transport to school again.

LED helmet light - Rechargeable battery operated

Accessory Bar Mount
Danilo Santos
great extension bar

good and handy for extra lighting or any accessories to add thank you guys

ELECTRIC SCOOTER- DRAGON GTR - 800 watts Max 1200watts

Mukuta 10+ 👌🏽💯

Cheers Bike Scooter City.
My Mukuta 10+ arrived in no time and in awesome condition. Very easy and comfortable to ride with the awesome brakes, suspension and handlebars. It handles very well on the road and off road. Very helpful and professional customer service. Very happy customer.

Great item

Service was relatively quick and efficient - was told over the phone it was one hour but took longer which was not a great surprise.

Mad as hell, the light is bright but moves around alot even when tight. A better bracket or small light bar be way better. Also my left indicator doesn't work but get that looked at on 1st service. Don't think it will hit 105kph, more like 90ish and I'm 89kgs. An option on off Rd or Rd tires wen buying would be good and sticker colour but overall it's mad and fast. Beats the vsett 11+ my mate has, with ease! His was 5k.


Excellent choice for my Nami Burn-E for braking