Servicing FAQ

My scooter has a flat tyre, can I bring this in to get fixed?

You most certainly will be able to drop this is in to get fixed, however please take note that any repairs dropped in will have to be added to the work queue and wont be fixed on the same day.  (On some occasion we may fix it on the same pending parts, work load and staff availability) You can call us on 1300 883 773 or email to get more information in regards to this.

How often should I get my scooter serviced?

We recommend following the maintenance guide in your manual. Every scooter has different service recommendations

I have been sent an SMS after taking my scooter in for repair, is this normal?

Yes, our repairs department at Sumner Park and Southport use HubTiger, an integrated system to assist you and ourselves with managing and organizing your repairs. The link given in the SMS will refer you to HubTigers Bike Scooter City portal to show your quote and attachments that might be provided in your application for warranty.

How long will it take to get my scooter repaired?

When booking the scooter our friendly team will advise you of the current waiting times for repair.

Tyres/tubes replacement scan generally be done within the day or a few days wait.  This all depends on each store workload and parts available.

Most jobs can be done within a few days, however during peak times a few weeks wait can occur as we may need to order or source parts not stocked.

I would like to book my scooter in for repair; do you make repair bookings prior to the scooter being in store?

Not at time stage- with fluctuating workloads we try to do repairs asap.

I don’t have my original box to send the scooter back, how do I send it back for repair?

We would recommend finding a box of similar size to the scooter and then safely packing the scooter for transit back to our head office. Any damage to the scooter in transit will be quoted for repair once assessed by a technician.

I have been sent a quote, but the repair isn’t complete yet.

Any repair over $100 must be approved prior to repairs being completed, if a repair has not been approved yet the technician will put the repair aside until approval has been sent.

I haven’t had an update since booking my scooter in?

Please call 1300 883 773 Option 2 or email as sometimes our Automated HubTiger system may not send an SMS through as intended, otherwise a technician may not have been assigned your job as of just yet due to the queue of scooters that are in the system.

Alternative you can leave your details on here and a tech will get back to you.