Scooter Problems FAQs

My scooter has a flat tyre, can I bring this in to get fixed?

You most certainly will be able to drop this is in to get fixed, however please take note that any repairs dropped in will have to be added to the work queue and wont be fixed on the same day.  (On some occasion we may fix it on the same pending parts, work load and staff availability) You can call us on 1300 883 773 or email to get more information in regards to this.


My scooter has a flat tyre, I am not local, what can I do?

We can certainly help you out here, what I need  you to do is send an email to giving them the model of your scooter as well as your location and we can find a shop near you that can fit it for you, or you can even purchase the tyre or tube form us to replace yourself if you feel confident, however we do recommend getting a professional to do it for you.


I received my scooter and its not working, what do I do?

Any products that are dead on arrival we will replace or repair without a delivery charge to the customer, HOWEVER you must notify us within 3 business days of receiving the product, please email or call us on 1300 883 773

My  Scooter won’t turn on:-

  1. Charge the scooter.
  2. Try turning the scooter on while charging, if this does not work you will need to bring it in for assessment or take it to your local vendor for assessment.
  3. If it does turn on, when fully charged check to see if it stays on, if it does then success.
  4. If the scooter does not turn on or only stays on for a few minutes or kms of distance, refer to step 2 (bring it in for assessment or take it to your more local vendor for assessment)
  5. If you have left your scooter for months without charging, then there is a high chance of the BMS having a fault and a battery replacement may be required.

My Scooter does not accelerate:-


  1. Turn scooter on, push to launch and then accelerate.
  2. If it does not accelerate, check to ensure that there are no error codes or symbols that appear.
  3. For Segway, it will beep and show an E00 code (00 could be any number)
  4. For Dragon, usually there would either be a Box Symbol or a Screw Symbol to the top or right hand of the display, if one of these icons are showing please bring it to your nearest Bike Scooter City store or email with your details and photos of the error to arrange a repair (If no symbol is showing you may still want to bring it in)


As these models are Hard Start, it would be recommended to bring this one into your nearest Bike Scooter City store or email with your issue to arrange further diagnosis.

My Scooter Charger says fully charged but my display says otherwise?

For this one you need to determine which model you have, and then check the relevant P setting to your scooter (voltage value). Please check you manual and ensure the correct setting are applied for each  for the P setting.

For Dragon GT

Old: 36v New: 31.5v

GTS/GTR/X9/Cyclone/Slayer: 41.5v

Raptor/X10/Cyclone Pro: 43v

My scooter made a ‘pop’ sound as I connected the charger?

A popping sound may occur due to the voltage difference when attaching the connector plug to the charging port; this is normal and not a cause for concern.


1 - Only use the approved chargers supplied with the electric scooter. Ensure that the scooter is TURNED OFF then connect the external power charger to the scooter.( make sure the plugs’ grooves are correctly aligned).

2 - Connect the charger to an electrical outlet, then turn the power of the electrical outlet on.

I have 2 charge ports, does that mean I need to charge both ports/have 2 batteries?

No, some of our models have twin charge ports to allow you to dual charge the scooter and bring down charge times by up to 50%. Please note that commonly charging with dual chargers may shorten the lifespan of your battery and is recommended for times of urgent need.

My brakes need adjusting but I cannot bring them in store?

Our technicians have you covered and recommend the following link to help you adjust your mechanical brakes:

How often should I perform maintenance on my scooter?

Refer to the owner manual,  perform  prechecks before every ride.

There’s something in my charge port, how do I remove this?

You may have received your new scooter and some foam has broken off the packaging and entered the charge port, or perhaps a bit of gunk has gotten in your charge port, and you want to remove it. This can be easily done usually by blowing the piece out or using something nonconductive to remove it from the charge port (The charge port is a live socket with electrical current running through it, using tweezers or a screwdriver may cause the socket to arc!) If you have done this, you might notice that your scooter is not turning on. The BMS will shut down for 24 hours to try and save the integrity of your system. We recommend bringing your scooter in ASAP for a charge port replacement. If the system does not turn on after 24 hours the scooter will need to be assessed for which components have been damaged.