Best Long Range Electric Scooter in Australia

Hey there, adventure-seekers and eco-conscious riders! We're going to tell you about the best long-range electric scooters in Australia that can go far on just one charge. Electric scooters are great for the environment and super fun to ride. With an electric scooter, you can zoom around the city or go on adventures while being kind to nature. Electric scooters have special technology and batteries that last a long time. That means lots of fun without worrying about running out of power. Let's explore these awesome e-scooters together and choose the perfect one for your next adventure!

Top Long Range Electric Scooters

Here is our list of the Top Long Range Electric Scooters! These cool rides can go really far without needing to recharge. They're super eco-friendly and perfect for your adventures. Join the fun and enjoy the freedom to explore as we reveal the best scooters that will make your rides exciting and green!

Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer electric scooter is an exciting choice for riders like you who want a powerful and fun riding experience. This e-scooter has two special motors called dual 800-watt motors. These motors make the scooter go really fast and help it climb hills easily.

The Dragon Slayer electric scooter comes with two battery options:

  1. 22Ah for a 70 km range.
  2. 26Ah for a 90 km range.

Select the battery based on how far you want to travel on a single charge.

To sum it up, the Dragon Slayer electric scooter is an awesome choice for anyone who wants to have an exciting and powerful ride. It helps you stay balanced, go up hills easily, and speed up quickly. Enjoy your ride!

Mukuta 10+

The Mukuta 10+ e-scooter is a cool choice for a powerful and convenient ride. This scooter runs on electricity and has some awesome features that make it worth considering.

The Mukuta 10 Plus e-scooter offers two battery options: 21AH and 25.6AH. Each option provides a different range on a single charge.

  1. With a 21AH battery, the Mukuta 10 Plus e-scooter offers a range of approximately 55 kilometres.
  2. On the other hand, if you choose the 25.6AH battery option, the range increases to approximately 75 kilometres.

The Mukuta 10+ scooter can go at different speeds, so you can quickly get where you want to go. It also speeds up smoothly, giving you a fun and smooth ride. Safety is important, and this scooter has good brakes that work well. They help you stop quickly and safely when you need to.

Nami Klima

NAMI Klima is a brand-new and amazing scooter. It has strong power for a fast start, and you can adjust how it works to fit you perfectly. Also, this E-scooter has a special system that makes the ride smooth and comfortable and easy to control. Moreover, it has bright lights and can even handle rainy weather.

The Nami Klima electric scooter has two types of batteries to choose from.

  1. The Kilma model has a 25AH battery that lets you ride up to 65 kilometres on one charge.
  2. The Kilma Max model has a 20AH battery that can take up to 85 kilometres. Consider how far you want to go when deciding which battery is best for you.

Consider your specific needs and preferences when selecting the battery option for the Nami Klima electric scooter.

Lightning V2

The Dragon Lightning V2 electric scooter is super fast and cool. It has a strong motor that makes it go fast. 

With a sleek and compact design, this e-scooter is easy to handle and store when not in use. It also has adjustable handlebars and a comfortable riding platform. Moreover, this electric scooter offers an impressive range on a single charge.

It typically provides a range of 80 kilometres per charge. It's important to understand that the range depends on speed, terrain, rider weight, and weather conditions.

Nami Burn-E Viper 2 Max

This Nami e-scooter is a special electric scooter that can go really far on just one charge.

With a super long range of 150 kilometres, you can ride for a really long time without worrying about the battery running out.

This e-scooter has a powerful battery that is designed to give you lots of power and allow you to travel longer distances. With its impressive range, you can go on exciting adventures, explore new places, and have fun riding without any worries.

Just remember that the actual range you get may vary depending on things like rider weight, the type of terrain you ride on, and how fast you go. But overall, the Nami Viper Burn E Max is a great choice if you want to ride for a long time and have lots of fun on your scooter.

Factors Affecting the Range of an Electric Scooter

As you look for a long-range electric scooter, it's important to understand certain factors. They affect the range and capabilities of an e-scooter. Let's explore each factor and its impact:

Battery Capacity and Type

Electric scooters have special batteries that power them. The most common type of battery used in modern electric scooters is called the "Li-ion" battery. Li-ion batteries are super cool because they can store energy even though they are not very big or heavy.

  • One great thing about Li-ion batteries is that they don't lose much energy when we don't use the scooter.
  • Another awesome thing is that these batteries last for a long time, much longer than the older ones used in scooters. Those old batteries were heavy and didn't store as much energy as Li-ion batteries.

So an electric scooter's range is directly influenced by its battery capacity and type. Therefore it is one of the most important factors to look out for.

Rider Weight

When you ride an electric scooter, how much you weigh matters. The scooter may not go as far on one battery charge if the rider is heavier.
Imagine riding a bike with a heavy backpack – it's more challenging, right? The scooter's range, which is how far it can go, is usually tested with an average rider's weight.

Following the scooter's weight limits for safety and ensuring it works well is important. Electric scooters are a cool way to get around, but we must ride them safely and responsibly to have the most fun!

Terrain and Riding Conditions

The way we ride our electric scooter and where we ride it can change how far it can go.

  • Smooth roads are the best because the scooter can go a long way without using too much power.
  • Going up hills or on bumpy roads makes the scooter work harder and use more power. This means it might not go as far.
  • The weather can also play a part. When it's very hot or cold, the scooter's battery might not work, so the range could be shorter.
  • Riding slowly is like taking our time, and it helps the scooter go farther. But if we go fast, it uses more power, and the range might be shorter.

So, remember to ride your electric scooter responsibly, considering terrain, weather, and speed.

Speed and Acceleration

When we ride an electric scooter, how fast we go and how we start moving can make a difference.

  • Going slow and steady helps the scooter go a longer way without using too much power. It's like walking slowly to save energy.
  • But going very fast uses more power, and the battery might not last as long, like when we run fast and tire quickly.
  • Starting the scooter gently, without jerking, is better for the battery. It's like calmly starting a race.
  • If we start too quickly, it uses more power, and the battery might not work as well.

In conclusion, how fast we ride and how smoothly we start our electric scooter are essential factors that affect how far it can go on one charge. Riding at a comfortable speed and starting gently can help the scooter conserve energy and have a longer range. So, let's ride at a comfortable speed and start gently to have fun rides and save energy.

Tips for Maximising Your Electric Scooter's Range

If you want to maximise your electric scooter's range, follow these tips:

  • Choose the Right Riding Mode:

    Use eco or energy-saving modes to conserve battery power and increase the range.

  • Maintain Proper tyre Pressure:

    Regularly check and inflate your scooter's tyres to reduce rolling resistance and increase efficiency.

  • Maintain Battery Health:

    Keep the battery clean, dry, and avoid extreme temperatures. Store removable batteries in a cool, dry place when not in use.

  • Uphill Riding:

    Maintain a steady pace when going uphill, and use the scooter's momentum from downhill sections to help you climb.

By implementing these tips, you can extend your electric scooter's range and enjoy longer rides. Remember to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal range and battery performance.


In conclusion, there are some great electric scooters that can go a long way on a single charge. One cool scooter is the Dragon Lightning V2, which can go about 80 kilometres on just one charge. It looks sleek and has adjustable handlebars for comfort.

Another impressive scooter is the Nami Burn-E Viper, which can go up to 150 kilometres on a single charge. That's a long distance! The Nami Klima series also has different scooters with ranges between 65 to 85 kilometres. 

Remember that the actual range can depend on things like how fast you go and what the weather is like. So, choosing a scooter that fits your needs and where you want to ride is important.

These electric scooters make it easy and fun to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of power. So, whether you're going somewhere or exploring with friends, these scooters can take you far. Just make sure to follow safety rules and have a great time riding your electric scooter!