Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults Australia

Transportation is changing, and one of the cool ways it's changing is with electric scooters. E-scooters are getting more and more popular because they're not just easy to use but also really good for our planet. Electric scooters are like those fun rides you might have at an amusement park, but they're for everyday use.

See, not all scooters are the same, and that's okay. Some scooters are super strong and can carry more weight without any problems. So, if you're a grown-up who's looking for an electric scooter that's just right for you, get ready. We're going on a fun journey to find the best electric scooter in Australia that'll make your rides extra awesome and comfy. 

Now, let's find out the perfect electric scooter for grown-ups who are a bit heavier. We're going to discover electric scooters that can handle a bit more weight comfortably. Think of this blog as your special guide to finding these amazing scooters.

So, get your helmet on (safety first.), and let's begin this adventure together.

Features to Look Out In E-Scooters For Heavy Adults

Choosing an electric scooter is like picking the perfect tool for a job. You want it to be just right, especially if you're a grown-up who needs extra strength. Here are some essential things to think about when you're getting an electric scooter that can handle your needs:

Weight Capacity

First things first, know how much you weigh. This is important because e-scooters have a weight limit – the maximum weight they can carry without issues. If your electric scooter isn't strong enough, it might not work well or go smooth. Therefore, electric scooters come with specific weight capacities, so select the one that satisfies your weight criteria and needs.

Motor Power

When it comes to the power of an electric scooter, we take into consideration the motor of the scooter. If your e-scooter's weight capacity satisfies your needs, it could result from a good build. So you need to check out the power of the scooter too. A robust motor can carry you smoothly, even if you're a bit heavier.

Battery Life

Just think of a car; the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it needs to move. So, if you're more serious, your scooter needs more power. That's why having an electric scooter battery that lasts a long time is essential. It's like having a backpack full of snacks for a long journey – you don't want to run out. A big battery means more fun riding without worrying about stopping to recharge.

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults in Australia

Here are some of the best electric scooters that are perfect for heavy adults in Australia. These scooters are designed to carry more weight comfortably and provide a great riding experience:

Mukuta 10+

Weight Capacity: 135 kg

The Mukuta 10+ scooter is super strong with a special engine that makes it go really fast, even if you're a bit heavier. It can keep going for a long time before needing to charge, which is awesome. This electric scooter has tough tires that grip the road well, so it stays steady whether you're on the city roads or a bit bumpy. It's like a comfy chair while riding because it has a special system that takes away the bumpiness. You can see important things like how fast you're going on a screen, and the buttons are easy to use. When you want to stop, the brakes work really well and keep you safe.

In conclusion, the Mukuta 10+ scooter offers an exceptional blend of power, durability, and comfort, making it the perfect choice for heavier adults seeking a thrilling and reliable electric scooter experience.

Dragon Raptor Pro

Weight Capacity: 135 kg

Step into the world of the Raptor Pro scooter – a thrill-seeker's dream. While the previous scooter had its own flair, the Raptor Pro takes it a step further with not one, but two motors that rocket you ahead like a shooting star. Imagine the excitement of a racing car on a track – that's the level of adventure you're in for. And when you're ready to catch your breath, the brakes on this electric scooter are your faithful allies, ensuring a secure stop. Just like its predecessor, it folds effortlessly and comes equipped with bright lights to light up your night journeys.

To sum it up, the Raptor Pro scooter delivers an electrifying experience tailored for heavy adults, combining dual motors, reliable brakes, and convenient features to add a thrilling twist to your electric scooter adventures.

Dragon GTS V2

Weight Capacity-140

Now, let's explore the GTS V2 scooter – the seasoned traveller among the crew. Building upon the previous scooter's attributes, the GTS V2 steps up the game with an even quicker start. Imagine gliding on a magic carpet – that's the comfort level it provides, thanks to its bouncy parts that turn rough roads into smooth sailing. When it comes to covering ground, this scooter is your marathon runner, going the distance. As before, it folds up with ease, ready to accompany you on your next escapade. In conclusion, the GTS V2 scooter stands out as the ultimate travel companion for heavy adults.

Nami Burn-e Viper 2 30AH

Weight Capacity-150

Introducing the Nami Burn-e Viper 2 30AH scooter – the tech-savvy genius in our lineup. Expanding on the previous scooter's phone connectivity, this one takes it a step further with even more impressive features. It's the long-distance voyager, with a battery life that ensures extended rides without a pause. And when you're ready to take a break, its brakes offer dependable stopping power. Like a constant companion with endless surprises, this scooter keeps the journey exhilarating.

To cap it off, the Nami Burn-e Viper 2 30AH scooter not only boasts cutting-edge technology but also proves to be an excellent choice for heavy adults.

Nami Burn-e Viper 2 40AH

Weight Capacity-150

Meet the Nami Burn-e Viper 2 40AH scooter – the all-terrain conqueror in our midst. While the previous scooter had its rainy-day plans, this one stands as an all-weather champion, embracing every element with enthusiasm. Its ride is akin to a gentle cloud, thanks to its bouncy parts that make every road feel like a smooth path. Just like an eager partner for adventure, it's always ready to go, folds up neatly, and shines brilliantly with its powerful lights.

Overall, the Nami Burn-e Viper 2 40AH scooter emerges as the ultimate all-terrain companion for heavy adults.

Dragon Lightning V2

Weight Capacity-150

And now, let's unveil the Lightning scooter – the speedster with a twist. Elevating the previous scooter's speed options, the Lightning is like a versatile performer, offering a range of speeds to match your mood. When it's time for a pit stop, have no fear – its rapid-charging feature minimises downtime. Its bouncy parts turn the ride into a luxurious experience. Like a trusted novel, it's simple to close up and carry, while its phone compatibility adds an extra layer of excitement. The Lightning scooter not only offers thrilling speed variations but also caters to the needs of riders.

Dragon The Beast

Weight Capacity-150

Enter the world of The Beast scooter – the powerhouse with personality. While the previous scooters had their own strengths, this one redefines speed, becoming a double espresso shot for your journey. It's like a steadfast companion, offering extra bounce to turn even rocky terrains into smooth paths. Its sturdy wheels provide the confidence you need. Like a loyal friend, it syncs with your phone, offering insights and ensuring you're always in command.


Weight Capacity-150

Last but not least, let's venture into the realm of the Predator scooter – the versatile traveller for all environments. Embracing challenges where the previous scooters thrived, this one is like a skilled explorer, conquering slippery paths with finesse. It's like a fearless guide, always ready for any situation, whether it's water or dirt. Its folding ability is like a hidden gem, allowing you to stow it away or embark on new adventures. Like a guiding star, it's your pocket companion, ready to offer direction and unforgettable memories.

Staying Safe on Your Electric Scooter: Tips for Heavy Adults

Here, we have some really valuable tips that you should definitely pay attention to. These tips will help you have a secure and enjoyable time on your electric scooter journeys. So, let's dive right into these important pieces of advice that are tailored just for you.

Wear Helmets and Protective Gear

Wearing a helmet and safety gear is super important when you ride your electric scooter. Helmets protect your head in case you fall, and other safety gear helps keep your elbows and knees safe too. It doesn't matter how old you are – safety gear is for everyone, so always put it on before you start scooting.

Reliable Braking Systems

Good brakes are essential for your scooter. They help you slow down and stop safely. When you press the brake, the scooter should stop smoothly and quickly. Before you ride, make sure your brakes are working well.

Smooth and Controlled Riding

When you're on your scooter, ride carefully and smoothly. Avoid sudden moves or jerks. Keep your hands on the handlebars and your feet on the scooter's base for balance.

Obey Traffic Rules

Scooters are like small vehicles, so you need to follow the same traffic rules as cars and bikes. Stop at red lights, look both ways before crossing, and use hand signals to show when you're turning.

Start Slow and Get Comfortable

If you're new to scooters, start by riding slowly in a safe area. Practice turning, stopping, and starting until you feel confident. As you get more comfortable, you can explore different places.

Following these safety tips will help you have a fun and secure time on your electric scooter. Just like wearing a seatbelt in a car, these tips keep you safe while you enjoy your scooter rides. So, gear up, ride carefully, and have a blast on your scooting adventures.


To sum it all up, electric scooters are great for getting around quickly and having fun. If you're a bit heavier, it's essential to pick a scooter that's strong enough. This way, the scooter can carry you comfortably, making your ride smooth and enjoyable. We discussed how a strong motor, like a car's engine, helps an electric scooter move well, even if you're a bit heavier.

The battery is like the e-scooter's energy source. If the battery lasts long, it's like having plenty of energy for a long trip without worrying about stopping. Safety is super important too. Just like we wear seatbelts in cars, wearing a helmet and brakes are like scooters' safety rules. Following these rules keeps us safe and ensures everyone on the road is okay.

When you're thinking about getting your electric scooter, remember these things. Choose a robust scooter, check the motor and battery, and stay safe by wearing a helmet and using brakes. This will make your scooter rides fantastic and fun. So, get ready for exciting scooter rides with a big smile.