Best Electric Scooter for Commuting in Australia: A Fun and Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

Hey there, fellow electric scooter fans. You already know how cool these scooters are, and today, we're going to find out why they're such a big hit for getting around.  Electric scooters are changing the way we travel in busy cities. No more sitting in traffic jams or searching forever for parking spots. E-scooters are like our rescue team, making getting around much easier and more fun.

Today, we're going to dig deeper into the best e-scooters for commuting in Australia. We'll explore all the important stuff and check out the coolest scooters ruling the streets. Get ready to take your e-scooter excitement to a whole new level.

Are Electric Scooters Good For Commuting?

Electric scooters are becoming a popular choice in Australia, and there are some really cool reasons why. First off, these scooters are like eco-friendly buddies. Unlike some vehicles that can make the air dirty, electric scooters run without causing any harm to our environment. So, when you ride one, you're actually helping to keep the air clean and our planet happy.

But that's not all – electric scooters have some other awesome benefits too. You know those long lines of cars stuck in traffic? Well, electric scooters can easily glide through them, which means you don't have to waste time waiting around. And speaking of waiting, finding a parking spot for cars can be a real pain. But not for electric scooters. They're small and can fit into tight spots, so parking becomes a breeze.

And guess what? Riding an electric scooter also saves you money. They don't need much fuel, so you spend less on every ride. Plus, it's like a mini workout – you're moving your body while having fun. So, not only do you get to places faster, but you also stay active and healthy.

And here's the cherry on top: electric scooters aren't just good for us, they're good for our cities too. By using electric scooters, we're showing that we care about our environment and want our streets to be less crowded and more enjoyable. So, whether it's about saving money, staying fit, or making our cities better, commuting with electric scooters is definitely an exciting and eco-friendly adventure.

How To Find Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

When it comes to picking the perfect electric scooter for your travels in Australia, there are some important things to think about. Let's break them down into easy steps:

  • How Far Can It Go? Think of your daily journey – the distance from home to school, work, or wherever you go. The electric scooter needs to have enough battery power to cover that distance without stopping.
  • Need for Speed: Think about how fast you want to go. Some scooters can go faster than others, which is great for getting around the city in a hurry.
  • Easy to Carry: If you plan to take your scooter with you on the bus or in the car, it's good to choose one that's not too heavy and can fold up nicely. This way, you can easily store it when you're not riding.
  • Roads and Bumps: Consider the kind of roads you'll ride on. If they're bumpy or uneven, a scooter with good suspension – like shock absorbers for scooters – can make your ride smoother.
  • Stay Safe: Safety is super important. Make sure your scooter has bright lights so people can see you, and brakes that work well to stop you when needed.

Remember, everyone's needs are different, so it's vital to find an electric scooter that matches what you need. Maybe you want to go really far, or perhaps you want a scooter that's easy to fold and carry. By choosing a scooter that fits your needs, you'll have the best time getting around and enjoying your rides.

So, take a little time to think about what's important for you – whether it's speed, comfort, or safety features. Once you find the scooter that ticks all your boxes, you'll be all set for an amazing commuting experience on your new e-scooter.

Our Top Picks: Best Electric Scooters for Commuting

Let's jump right in and check out our favourite electric scooters perfect for people who ride to work or school every day. When you're moving around the city a lot, you need a scooter that's easy to use and good for the environment. These scooters we picked are great for making your daily trips better. Whether you're going through busy streets or enjoying a nice ride, these choices are here to help you travel well every day. So, let's start and find out about the best scooters that can make your everyday travel awesome.

Dragon GTS

Step into the future with the Electric Scooter - Dragon GTS. With enhanced power and performance, it's the perfect upgrade to elevate your daily commutes.

With a top speed of 45 km/hr, it's built for those who like to go faster around the city. You can ride for about 45 km before needing to charge it.

The scooter's peak motor power is 800W, which helps you speed up quickly. Its battery has a capacity of 15.6Ah and it can carry a person weighing up to 120 kg. And don't worry, it's not too heavy to handle either, weighing just 19 kg.

Dragon X9

Now, let's introduce you to the Dragon X9 Electric Scooter 2023 model. It's like getting a new and improved version of your favourite video game. 

With a top speed of 40 km/hr,you can enjoy a comfortable ride around the city. You can go up to 45 km on a single charge, which is like exploring your neighbourhood without any worries. The scooter's peak motor power is 900W, making your rides smooth and enjoyable.

Its battery has a capacity of 13Ah, providing enough power for your adventures. The scooter can carry a person weighing up to 120 kg and it's not too heavy either, weighing just 18 kg.

Dragon GTR

Embark on a thrilling ride with the Electric Scooter - Dragon GTR, an evolution that brings power and stability together for an exceptional commuting experience.

With a top speed of 45 km/hr, it's perfect for those who love speed while commuting. With a range of about 45 km you can explore the city to your heart's content. The scooter's peak motor power is a powerful 1200W, giving you a quick and exciting acceleration.

It has a s battery of 15.6Ah, ensuring you have enough power for your rides. And while it can carry a person weighing up to 120 kg, it's a bit heavier at 26 kg, so it's sturdy and strong.


Get ready to meet the Mukuta 10+ - All Terrain DUAL MOTOR Electric Scooter - 2023 model, a scooter designed for adventure lovers who want to explore all kinds of paths. It's like having a super cool bike that can handle any road.

With a super fast speed of 75 km/hr, it's like a thrilling roller coaster ride on wheels. Depending on the battery you choose, you can ride for about 55 km or even up to 75 km, which is like a long journey to a different city. The scooter's peak motor power is a whopping 4000W, giving you an amazing burst of speed.

The battery options are 21Ah and 25.6Ah LG, both providing a reliable power source. The scooter can carry a person weighing up to 135 kg and weighs 38 kg, making it a strong companion for your adventures.

Nami Klima

Say hello to the Nami Klima - Electric Scooter - 2023 Model. It's like having a supercharged car that's also eco-friendly. With a top speed of 65 km/hr, it's designed for those who want a zippy ride around town.

Depending on the battery you choose, you can go up to 65 km or even as far as 85 km, which is like a journey to a neighboring city. The scooter's peak motor power is a massive 5360W, giving you an adrenaline-packed ride. 

The battery options are 25Ah and 30Ah LG, both providing plenty of power. The scooter can carry a person weighing up to 120 kg and weighs 38 kg, making it a sturdy and reliable choice.

Lightning V2

Last but not least, the Lightning V2 is a super powerful scooter for those who love speed and excitement. It's like having a rocket on two wheels! With a super high speed of 80 km/hr, it's like a thrilling ride in an amusement park. 

You can ride for a distance of 80 km before needing to recharge, like a journey to a nearby town. The scooter's peak motor power is a whopping 4000W, giving you an intense burst of speed.

Its battery has a capacity of 26Ah, providing plenty of energy. The scooter can carry weight up to 150 kg and weighs 43 kg, making it a high-performance choice.

Is It Legal to Ride Electric Scooters in Your Area?

Before you hop on your electric scooters and zip around Australia, it's super important to know the e-scooter laws. Just like you follow rules at home and school, there are rules for electric scooters too. Here's what you need to remember:

  • Helmet Hero: Whenever you're on your electric scooter, put on a helmet. Helmets keep your head safe and sound – like a shield for your noggin.
  • Slow and Steady: Different places have different rules about how fast you can scoot. Stick to those rules and don't go too fast. It's about staying safe and having a smooth ride.
  • Where to Scoot: Usually, you can ride your electric scooter on sidewalks and bike lanes. But sometimes, there might be special places for scooting. Check the rules and make sure you're in the right spot.
  • Follow the Road Code: Just like you look both ways before crossing the road, you need to follow the road rules when you're scooting. It's all about keeping you and everyone around you safe.

Remember, following the rules isn't just important – it's the way to go. When you're scooting, you're part of the team that keeps our streets safe and fun. So, be responsible and make sure you know the rules in your area. Let's ride with a big smile, knowing we're doing our part to keep the streets awesome for everyone.

Bottom Line

Alright, time to wrap things up. Electric scooters are like your helpful buddies when it comes to getting around in Australia. They're kind to the planet, they save you time, and they're easy on your wallet. Plus, they give you a bit of exercise while you're scooting away – a win-win situation. Ready for some fun facts? Electric scooters are the trend everyone's talking about. They're not just cool, they're also a smart choice for your daily travels. Imagine zooming through the city without worrying about traffic jams – sounds awesome, right?

So, if you're looking for a way to make your commute efficient and good for the Earth, electric scooters are here to save the day. Before you take off on your electric scooter adventures, remember to be safe. Wear your helmet, follow the rules, and scoot responsibly. It's all about having a blast while being a responsible rider. So, whether you're off to school, work, or just exploring, let your electric scooter be your trusty sidekick for a convenient and eco-friendly journey.