Warranty FAQs

My scooter is having problems, if I bring it in to get repaired will it be under warranty?

We are unable to say for sure whether it will be under warranty or not without having a technician look at the scooter first to make sure. Either way we will try our best to look after you as much as possible.

I want to claim for a warranty repair, what is the process?

If you are local to one of our stores, please come see us for a warranty assessment. If you are not local you may check to see if we have a local vendor to assist; however, if we do not have one this will need to be boxed up and sent to our head office at 2/60 Jijaws Street Sumner Park QLD 4074. Please note that original shipping costs are borne by you, the customer, until the warranty has been assessed and approved by one of our technicians. If deemed warranty the scooter will be sent back to you at our cost. If not, the scooter will be at your cost to be returned. Please refer to our warranty page for more information.

What is covered by my warranty?

All manufacturing faults

Your item will be repaired or replaced (if repair is not possible) if you are the first purchaser/user of the product and it has any of the following manufacturing or design faults under normal use:

  • Motor Faults
  • Boards or computer control faults
  • Battery faults

I have had my scooter stolen, do you keep serial numbers on file?

Unfortunately we do not keep track of serial numbers.

If my product is replaced, does the warranty period reset?

The warranty period does not reset if the customers product is replaced in its entirety by Bike Scooter City.

I’ve had parts replaced under warranty, Are these parts covered by their own 12-month warranty?

Any replacement parts fitted to a product are covered for the remaining duration of the original 12-month product warranty and do not have their own warranty period.

What is the warranty on the Segway scooters?

Segway scooters come with a 12 month warranty.

What is the warranty on the Xiaomi Scooters?

The warranty on the Xiaomi range of scooters is 12 months warranty.


What is the warranty on your Bikes (non electrical)?

All of our bikes come with a 12 Months Warranty.

What is the warranty on your E-bikes?

Our Matrix E-Bikes come with a 12 Month warranty.

What is the warranty on the Dragon Scooters?

Dragon Scooters have a 24 month warranty on the frame & structure and a 12 month warranty on the electricals /everything else.