Scooter Info FAQs

What scooter brands do you sell?

We currently stock various brands of e-scooters including Dragon, Nami, Mukuta & Segway.

Do you sell any scooters for kids?

No we do not, We sell some scooters that have a variable height, but do not recommend scooters to any children under the age of 12. If a child is between the ages of 12-16 they can legally ride if they are under adult supervision. We recommend reading the laws local to you before making any purchase for anyone under the age of 18.

Do you rent scooters?

No, we do not offer any scooter rental services.

I can’t get ahold of you by phone?

If you can’t reach us via phone, please try sending us an email to or you can message us via facebook.

Can I charge my scooter overnight?

We do not recommend charging the scooter overnight. Only charge your scooter under supervision, and make sure to take it off charge once full. Not only will this be the best for the overall health of the battery, but it is also a safety recommendation.


Can I upgrade my battery?

It is dependent on the brand and model; some models do have upgradeable batteries.   Send us an email with your make and model -  Get in touch via or 1300 883 773 to find out more.


Are electric scooters waterproof?

Whilst some scooters may boast having an IP rating of somewhere between ipx4 and ipx6 (depending on the model), we recommend avoiding water at all costs, Water damage is not covered under the warranty for any of our electric scooters.


Can I ride my scooter in the rain?

We DO NOT recommend using your scooter in the rain or in wet conditions. Not only can will you be risking the electronics of your scooter, you will be putting yourself at risk as it is much more dangerous to ride in the rain!


Are electric scooters safe?

Electric scooters are safe, yes! However, like anything, if in the wrong hands they can be fatal and dangerous. We recommend reading up on your local laws as well as getting yourself equipped with safety equipment such as a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, you are legally required to wear a minimum of at least a standard bicycle helmet.


Do I need to wear protective safety equipment?

While legally you only need to wear a helmet, however we recommend getting fully equipped with the best helmet you can (full face recommended), elbow pads and knee pads. Wrist guards are also helpful if you can get your hands on some.


Will an electric scooter get me uphill?

As a general rule of thumb, a Dual motor scooter will get you up hill with ease, where a single motor scooter excels on flat surfaces and will struggle up inclines. 


Are Electric Scooters Legal?

Electric scooters are not illegal; however some states will only allow use on private property. We recommend you check with your local laws.


Are you open on the weekends?

Yes we certainly are! All our stores are open on Saturday.

Milton & Sumner Store is open from 9am-3pm

Southport Store is open from 9am-4pm.


Can I do a test ride in store?

You certainly can! You will have to make sure you bring some form of Photo ID like a license or passport, once you are in store we will hold onto this and also get you to fill out a test ride agreement form.


What is the recommended height for your Bikes?/Am I too tall for your bikes?

Our Eurobike range has a recommended height range of 155-185cm for a comfortable ride.

I'm taller, Will I still be able to ride it?

You could possibly still ride it, but we cannot guarantee it will be a comfortable ride for yourself.

Do you have a service agent in Melbourne Sydney or Perth ?

We have some different service agents located throughout the country in major cities, please contact us on 1300 883 773 or email through to for more information on your closest service agent.


My scooter has two charge ports, Do I need to charge both?

No you do not need to charge both, you can charge either one, there is two charge ports so if you choose to do so, you can purchase a second charger to charge your scooter in twice the time.

Will that be bad for the scooter?
Whilst it isn’t too bad for the scooter, you will get more longevity out of your battery using one charger where possible.


How much is a second charger?

Spare chargers can range from $80-$200 depending what its for.